How and where to invest my money

What do we do with the money we save? This is a question that has no easy answer for many people. Given that inflation has returned to the path of normality (the European Central Bank’s inflation target is around 2%), just saving money would gradually impoverish us, given that inflation will gradually reduce the purchasing power of our money.

This is where we see the big difference between saving (the act of accumulating money) and investing (looking for the best possible yield on the money we accumulate, within certain parameters regarding periods, risk profile, etc).

To determine the best places to invest our money, we are going to analyze the main constituents in any financial planning process.

Investment term

The time horizon is a variable of maximum importance when determining how we place our investments.

If the savings objective is close in terms of time to make the investment, we have to avoid opting for risk assets with short-term volatility and, moreover, choose high-liquidity vehicles. In this case, it’s advisable to choose products such as deposits or investment funds.

If, on the other hand, we are planning a long-term or very-long-term investment, such planning for retirement, we can choose products that incur greater risks but offer higher returns. Furthermore, in this case, liquidity is a less critical variable, as we are not planning to access the capital for a long period of time. In this case, we can choose savings insurance, pension plans, insured employee pension plans or a direct investment via the stock exchange.

Risk profile

The risk profile is closely linked to the timescale of the investment, but there is also a more subjective component that is important to consider: There are people who are more risk averse than others in the same circumstances. There is a principle in the investment process that aspiring to greater returns always involves exposure to greater risks. We can define three risk profiles:

  • Conservative investor: Ensure that capital is preserved whilst receiving modest returns. They invest in deposits, treasury bonds, and investment plans, or fixed-income pension plans.
  • Moderate investor: These investors are able to assume controlled risks by trying to beat returns on the asset free of risk. They invest in funds and mixed pension plans and moderately accept direct investment through the stock exchange.
  • Aggressive investor: These investors aim to maximize returns, and do not mind accepting potential losses, especially over the short term. They invest in funds and pension equity plans, stocks, ETFs and derived products.


The financial-fiscal return refers to the ultimate profitability of an investment once all the financial obligations it involves have been complied with. This can mean that two investments with equal financial profitability result in a very different net result, due to fiscal advantages or disadvantages over the other.

Every product has its specificities, which are important to take into account. These include:

Pension plans and guaranteed employee pension plans have tax benefits for contributions. They allow you to reduce your personal income tax base for contributions up to a maximum of 8,000 euros a year and thus reduce the amount of tax you pay.

Transfers between investment funds have no fiscal impact whatsoever, this being deferred until the shares are reimbursed. This makes it possible to change strategy indeterminately, without having to pay taxes on capital gains.

Life annuities offer considerable fiscal advantages when they are redeemed. Depending on the age of the policyholder at the time of redemption, and provided at least 5 years have elapsed since its constitution, it will be taxed as capital gains for a percentage of the income received. Insured persons over the age of 70 only pay 8% tax on this income.

Two investment tips that apply in all cases:

  • Diversification: The principle of ‘not putting all your eggs in one basket’. Diversification exponentially reduces the risk by spreading the investment across different assets and minimizing the impact of the potential negative behavior of any one of them.
  • Invest regularly: This is another way to reduce risk. Do you make contributions to a pension plan or investment fund? Do it with small contributions month to month, instead of one annual contribution. This way you will avoid the risk of buying shares at a single price that might be unusually high, and you will instead get the average price over 12 monthly contributions. losses.

Basic Ways To Improve Your Credit File

This happened so quickly. You have behind on a few obligations, wound up with a ton associated with debt, and now your credit rating is leaner than you thought probable. If you can’t qualify for any of the conventional unsecured credit cards out there, you might have to look at instant approval bank cards.

Every credit card has fees attached to them – somewhere. The facts, though, is that some instant approval credit cards have a lot fewer costs than other ones. This may be because the credit card companies are usually hoping you won’t read the fine print — or something. Anyway, you might be smarter than that, plus need to make sure that you find out about most fees that apply — before you get the card. There could be yearly fees, activation fees, minimum balance fees, processing costs, and many more.

All of these cards could be applied for online. The best way to see them is to use Google’s search engine plus search for “bad credit score cards”. Another great thing to do is usually search online forums and see that which consumers like yourself say about certain card issuers. This can ensure that you are up to date along with any negative or good things that the banks could be doing.

Obtain a secured bank card. A secured card any that has a limit that is supported by a cash deposit. The danger to the lender is minimum, as they have your money available in the event that you fail to pay out. A card with a restrict of as little as $100 might be useful if you use it frequently and pay your expenses in full each month. Make sure that your own bank will provide information about them and your use of it towards the credit bureaus. credit cards to rebuild credit tend to have increased fees and interest rates compared to unsecured cards; you don’t wish to use one if it isn’t very going to benefit you by any means.

Students ought saving money early. One preserving tip is called the Cash credit cards for excellent credit. If we get such an honor, put the whole amount obtained to your savings account. In other words, a person refrains from spending this honor.

Be careful, nevertheless, when obtaining new cards after filing a bankruptcy. Charge card issuers frequently target customers with credit cards that have plenty of hidden fees and unwanted insurance. It is not, in my opinion, a negative thing if the credit card company charges a monthly charge of less than $10, or even if the card carries an increased interest rate. If you keep your stability low the interest rate will never be much of a concern. Similarly, the modest monthly fee is most likely an acceptable charge when you are at first rebuilding credit after personal bankruptcy.

13. Secured credit cards. You will have to have the amount of your borrowing limit “secured” in the form of a “savings account” with the credit card business.

New Worries In Businesses Market

Another helpful thing is payday loan consolidation. You can consolidate various loans with one agency paying them off for you. Now you have to spend money for you to the single agency rather than a number of companies or individuals.

All varieties of the market whether money market, capital market, the stock market or any other kind of trade market follow similar functioning tips. The rates in these markets depend upon two main factors. One is the supply and demand of goods, and the additional is the assumption. To comprehend it from a better way one must first know the market forces of supply and demand. The demand of a good thing depends on its use and on its future performance making use of the produce. That is the availability of that particular asset shopping. The other force which operates the publication rack people’s assumption about that particular thing.

But selling in after-hours trade resulted in higher yields of the amount of them, although benchmark yield rising to 4.09%. Although the yield on 30-year Treasury note remained unchanged the 2-year yield rose to 3.19% from 3.16%. In keeping with other updates, the double rate cut by the Fed totaling 0.75% points in September and October for a time, re-established confidence and liquidity to functions of the capital market, has been severely shaken by defaults on mortgage debt. But however, recent disclosure by many people banks of billions of dollars in new losses from encounter low-quality mortgages leaves the investors dispirited all over again.

Think about investing from a capital market vs money market fund; they have higher rates of interest than a typical savings account and earns your savings more substantial actually run.

If you avoid investing mistakes that happen to be commonly made, you entirely set up a retirement fund that can be able to offer you with a comfortable life.

Greatest Debt Consolidation Services – On Your Financial Situation

You are able to obtain does consolidating student loans hurt your credit such short-term financial loans with terms of 30 days or less. Ideally, you get cash advance from a lender, plus repay it in a single payment after your next paycheck. To find out which lender is best for a person, you need to consider several aspects. Millions of search results bombard a person. You realize there are thousands of payday loan lenders. You struggle to figure out which usually payday loan lender is the correct lender for you. For the purpose, you have to read some websites plus realize some payday loan provider will not lend in your condition.

There are many options available when choosing a stockbroker. This used to be that you merely had to select from a full-service broker or perhaps a discount broker.

Another significant weight around the Euro has been growing worries about the Greek sovereign financial debt situation. The EU appears to be taking easy car loans no credit check a very hard line with all the government. No bailout will be coming from the EU, but they show up ready to help to pick up the particular pieces once the government made all the difficult decisions. Forex trading signals and forex business advisory services definition provide support for each technical and fundamental investors. There are forex services that will run the gamut from the managed foreign exchange account to forex suggestions. You can also search for forex trading, investing ideas & trading information & other related details online.

The advantage is that if the firm allows a private investor to buy stocks directly this would enable you to set up a pay verify withdrawal each pay time period for the purposes of the share plan. There is various management advisory services definition to guide you in locating companies that provide these direct stock buy plan. I would suggest that you discover companies you are interested in a create an inquiry with buyer relations.

Correctly where do you start? There is a prosperity of up to date information available. Try Inside Schools intended for citywide information. A new Brooklyn-specific site, NYC Schools Assist, offers information and advisory accounting service definition as well as a blog. There are also textbooks available, and a half hour roughly of browsing your local bookshop could yield valuable info.

Monitor your spending behavior – what is taking cash away from you? Do you have a price range that you follow? Check on your finances and see what you can afford. Focus on things you cannot do with no. Remove all unnecessary amusement. Find means methods to cut costs. E. g. Females, have hair-does that continue long instead of changing every week, buy perfume that serves you for months instead of buying every single month-end (remember cheap could be expensive), have family foods and cut down eat in order to something you do occasionally, clean your own car – absolutely nothing is particular about car clean and vacuum, plan your own trips to save fuel, utilize only the necessary staff to do a great job not pride in figures, save electricity by changing on the necessary gadgets just.